19 April 2019,   07:14
Nino Burjanadze met with the head of the OSCE observation mission


A leader of the Democratic Movement met with the head of the OSCE observation mission.

Nino Burjanadze provided the international observer mission with detailed information about the violations in the electoral process.

"I have presented to Mr. Ambassador in detail about the problems that exist in the election environment, not just in the election legislation but in the real situation in Georgia. If there are any violations, they will do everything to reflect those violations, "said Nino Burjanadze.

The Office of Democratic Institutions and Human Rights will present the final report the after all elections processes are over.

"We should disappoint you now because at this stage we will not be able to make evaluations. As a rule, we meet not only presidential candidates but also other important figures and representatives of other structures. I want to tell you that this weekend we will publish a report for this period in which we will have important information, "said Gert Hinnrick Arsen, the head of the monitoring mission.