16 June 2019,   17:45
Elite, High-Level Corruption in Georgia - Resolution of the Foreign Committee of the European Parliament

The European Parliament has confirmed the existence of high level corruption in Georgia. The record about elite high -evel corruption in Georgia was included in the draft resolution adopted by the European Parliament"s Foreign Committee. The document states that the solution is an independent court, but the European Parliament writes in the same document that the court is not free in the country.

Like the European Parliament, elite corruption in Georgia is considered as a problem in the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe.

IDFI has been talking about a complex problem of high level corruption in the country.

The NGO sector calls on the authorities to have an immediate reaction to high-level corruption related issues, especially when it comes to reports of international organizations.

Accoring to the draft resolution approved by the European Parliament"s Foreign Relations Committee high-level corruption is one of the most serious problems in the country.

The European Parliament also underlines that the fight against corruption requiresof an independent court and a reliable investigation of high-level corruption cases. According to the document, European Parliamentarians expect adequate investigation of the facts of high -level corruption.