26 June 2019,   16:59
"Abkhazia is not a gangrene," - Salome Zurabichvili was met with a rally in Gori

Abkhazia is not a gangrene," " The traitor" - Saloem Zurabishvili, the Presidential candidatewas met with demonstration in Gori.
UNM members and their supporters met Zurabishvili with posters.

Members of the rally say that Salome Zurabichvili"s statements about the August war are traitorious and criticize the presidential candidate.

Salome Zurabichvili plans to meet with supporters. Before leaving for Gori Zurabishvili met with supporters gathered in Khashuri.

The meeting in Khashuri was preceded by an incident. One of the activists wanted to ask a candidate fabout the August war, but he was not allowed to approach Salome Zurabichvili and ask questions.