20 June 2019,   00:00
Stranger would not do it - Family members of 24-year-old girl speak about reason of the murder

Sopo Tsiklauri, a 24-year-old girl was supposedly murdered with torture. The family members of the deceased are not aware of who and why could murder the young girl.

Eter Tsiklauri, the grandmother of the deceased, says that her grandchild"s death was reported from Greece. Her grandfather, Avto Tsiklauri, says her granddaughter was found by her neighbors.

" Stranger would not do it. The stranger would not find her house and know, if she is alone,"- says Avto Tsiklauri.

Sopho Tsiklauri lived in the village of Ganakhleba of Dmanisi district. She went to Athens four years ago.