23 April 2019,   23:02
"I can tell you that interrogations continued even yesterday and investigation will continue" - Tea Tsulukiani on the scandalous recording of Mirza Subeliani

A Minister of Justice comments on the audio recording, released by Rustavi 2, which had been recorded allegedly in the penitentiary establishment.

According to Tea Tsulukiani, the investigation must determine in detail whether the record is authentic and when it was made.

In addition, according to Tea Tsulukiani, there is a particularly important detail, who recorded the conversation in the prison.

"When was this record made, the concrete day and hour - was such recording made in the prison. Is it authentic and so on?

As the prosecutors Office stated, the investigation was launched three days ago.

I can tell you that the interrogations were underway even yesterday, the investigation will continue and I hope that the Prosecutor"s Office will notify the society about the investigation process, "Tea Tsulukiani said.