16 September 2019,   19:20
I have serious questions regarding obtaining of this recording and authenticity of its contents - Beselia

Leaders of Georgian Dream comment on a recording, which is made in the penitentiary establishment and reflects a dialogue of Mirza Subeliani, the former senior official of the Prosecutor"s Office and an MP of Georgian Dream.

Eka Beselia, the Chairperson of the parliamentary committee for legal issues, demands to establish the legality of the recording and its distribution.

She says that before considering the information received from the recording, it is necessary to determine how the personal conversation was recorded, acquired, disseminated, and whether the recording is authentic.

Eka Beselia focuses on the article of the Criminal Code that violates the rules of personal communication, refers to illegally obtaining the recording, keeping of the record and which is a serious criminal offence.

" A fact that an investigation has started is necessary and timely, so it"s important for me to find out what information the investigation will reveal. if the recording is legal and authentic ...

If this is proven then we can move to the content and ask all the questions and find out all the issues, "Eka Beselia said.