17 September 2019,   15:35
Mirza Subeliani has not provided any information regarding the widespread videos - Nino Lomjaria


Representatives of the Public Defender left the Gldani prison # 8 where Mirza Subeliani is detained.

Mirza Subeliani, the former high ranking official of the Prosecutor"s Office did not provide information to the Public Defender"s Office about the content of the audio recording and did not comment on this issue.

According to the Ombudsman, Mirza Subeliani requested the protection of the rights of his son only.

"Mirza Subeliani did not provide us with any information and did not make any comment and did not want to cooperate with us in this regard," said Nino Lomjaria.

Nino Lomjaria notes that the audio record contains information about the signs of the crime. According to the Ombudsman, it is necessary to initiate an investigation and interrogate Mirza Subeliani.