25 May 2019,   10:21
Scandalous Records and Noise at the Bureau Session - Irakli Kobakhidze called the audio recording the performance of opposition

Scandalous records and allegations that were heard from senior government officials today - Irakli Kobakhidze at the bureau session called the secret recordings "the demonstration of the show staged by opposition". Speaker of the Parliamen called his team member Mirza Subeliani, the opposition`s Mirza Subeliani.

Irakli Kobakhidze has been irritated by critical questions of the opposition today. "National Movement" and "European Georgia" asked the Chairman of the Parliament to summon the law enforcers and asked for a special session. The opposition argued that Mirza Subeliani"s testimony showed all the flaws of " Georgian Dreams" and now Ivanishvili"s team should take political responsibility. During the tense session, "Georgian Dream" traditionally reminded political opponents of nine years .

After the confrontation one of the leaders of the National Movement left the bureau sitting. Only members of the Georgian Dream and Patriots Alliance remained in the hall. Irma Inashvili initiated the meeting with the main figure of scandalous secret recordings. The Chairman of the Parliament finished the sitting of the Bureau with criticism of the opposition and Rustavi 2 director general.

The ruling party today only said that if there was need to discuss scandalous recording of Mirza Subeliani, the chief prosecutor and the interior minister will be summoned to the parliament, but when the first members of the law enforcement bodies can be summoned, the majority of the lawmakers did not specify this.