25 April 2019,   11:03
Street confrontatons, dark 90s, repressions of 37of year-old - celebrities react to scandalous recordings

The Soviet Union and the repressions of 37th - this is the assessment the scandalous recordings by the popular faces.

Most of the artists openly speak about the responsibility of the authorities, including those who stood beside Bidzina Ivanishvili in 2012. They say that while they were circling 41 in the bulletin, they could not have even imagined this nightmare.

The secret recording mention informal armed groups, the kidnapping and torture of people remind the famous faces of the dark 90s.

The secular and religious leaders today united in one of the main demands. All facts mentioned in scandalous secret recordings should be investigated. Part of the society declares that the investigation into this case is a test of "Georgian Dream" today and demand to punish dishonest officials. However, part of the government believes that the government has already suffered a big hit.