20 April 2019,   07:29
Scandalous Recordings - Mirza Subelian will answer the investigators" questions today

After spreading the scandalous record, position of Mirza Subeliani, a former high-ranking official and the main figure of the scandalous recordings, will be known to the prosecutor"s office for the first time today.

The defendant will be visited by the lawyer in the cell where the main topic of discussion will be Subeliani`s participation in the audio recordings.

Today, the main figure of scandalous materials will provide additional information to the investigators. Subeliani"s interrogation is planned in Gldani 8th prison.

One more participant of the recordings, Davit Tsukhishvili has already been interrogated by the investigative department. He left the Chief Prosecutor"s Office late last night.

According to the record, Tsukhishvili was also present during the conversation of Subeliani with Viktor Japaridze. Victor Japaridze, Majoritarian MP from Mestia, was also interrogated yesterday.