19 October 2019,   22:34
Government has achieved what they wanted, TV company Iberia has stopped broadcasting - Vakho Khuzmishvili

"The government has closed down Iberia" - the inscription appeared on the screen of the TV channel yesterday evening.
News programs and main political shows are not broadcasted for more than 12 hours. In a month since the start of the government"s attack and "Omega Group" scandal, the channel is forced to suspend broadcast of main political shows due to their financial crisis.

The founders of the Iberia and Omega Group say that the government is responsible for creating financial problems.

"Tv company Iberia has exhausted its financial resources. We said that the attack on the Omega group will directly be reflected on the TV company". The government has achieved what they wanted, "says Vakho Khuzmiashvili , the head of the Iberia news department.