19 August 2019,   19:19
PM refuses to appoint an extraordinary session of government - constitutionalists speak about Bakhtadze"s impeachment

Due to the violation of the constitution, the issue of Mamuka Bakhtadze"s impeachment may be raised. It is about Article 78 of the document, according to which the Prime Minister of the country has no right to refuse to arrange an According to the constitutionalists, explaining that the president will not be invited to the government session due to the formal norms is a direct violation of the Constitution of Georgia.

"The only legal way can be the use of impeachment by the Parliament, which is unimaginable in regard to the Prime Minister. We do not have other such formal procedures," - said Kote Chokoraia, a specialist of the constitutional law.

Constitutionalists call on the Prime Minister to bring the issues, raised by the President on the agenda in the next few days. Vakhushti Menabde states that the president should be allowed to attend and participate in the meeting of government.