26 April 2019,   16:57
"The state is run by Partskhaladzes, Subelianis and many others"" - Opposition evaluates new scandalous recordings

The opposition responds to the spread new scandalous records and talks about the government"s responsibility. As the parliamentary and non-parliamentary opposition thinks that the system is criminal and the government is taking illegal actions.

"The state is ruled by Partskhaladzes, Subelianis and many other people who have killed Erosi Kitsmarishvili and have committed a lot of other serious crimes. For them this intention of Mikheil Saakashvili"s liquidation, of course will not be difficult to fulfill ," Nika Melia said.

According to "European Georgia", Mirza Subeliani boasts to be doing more than he would be able to do, but the problem is that the high ranking officials of the government boast of criminal activity.

Subeliani and the government are criticized by the non-parliamentary opposition. According to Davit Usupashvili, the system is directed towards criminal acts.

Paata Davitaia, the chairperson of the "European Democrats of Georgia" emphasizes the fact that Subeliani did not receive the promised conditions after which he started talking and advised him to publicize all compromising materials and recordings.

In the new recordings yesterday, Mirza Subeliani tells MP Viktor Japaridze how he was ready for the liquidation of Saakashvili, and he reminds about the compromising materials the former minister of penitentiary Kakha Kakhishvili. Subeliani also speaks about correspondence with former Tbilisi prosecutor Mikheil Shakulashvili. Mirza Subeliani does not rule out that if necessary he would publicize the compromising materials.