19 September 2019,   21:52
"No one can be held responsible because" Rustavi 2 "has said something" - Beselia talks about new scandalous recordings

"When your TV shows something I personally do not trust it," - a member of the majority,Eka Beselia answered Rustavi 2"s journalist, who asked about new scandalous recordings.

She expresses distrust to the scandalous secret recordings of "Rustavi 2". The Chairperson of the Legal Committee speaks about the contents of the television and the rules of publication. Beselia does not see the necessity of launching an investigation against specific individuals until the authenticity of the materials is confirmed.

"No one can be held responsible because" Rustavi 2 "has said something it is necessary to verify the legality and authenticity of the law, making records, storing and dissemination is punishable and there is nothing exceptional to one case if the investigation does not get the material." Eka Beselia.

In the new recordings yesterday, Mirza Subeliani tells MP Viktor Japaridze how he was ready for the liquidation of Saakashvili, and he reminds about the compromising materials the former minister of penitentiary Kakha Kakhishvili. Subeliani also speaks about correspondence with former Tbilisi prosecutor Mikheil Shakulashvili. Mirza Subeliani does not rule out that if necessary he would publicize the compromising materials.