24 August 2019,   09:41
"I had active communication with media, I would not really need to ask something to lali Moroshkina,"- Kakhishvili speaks about recordings

Kakha Kakhishvili, the head of the Georgian Prime Minister"s Administration, first commented on the scandalous recording made in the prison cell.

Kakhishvili links Mirza Subeliani"s statements about the compromising material about high-ranking officials with his psychological condition. The audio recording, which was published by " Courier", shows that Mirza Subeliani met Kakhishvili two days before his detainment.

In the case Subeliani is not able to use privileges in prison, he would publish compromising material on Kakhishvili"s compromises. In the record, Mirza Subeliani says that Kakha Kakhishvili was acting against Sozar Subari with Lali Moroshkina.

Kakhishvili denies this information and says that he had a possibility to communicate with media himself.

"Why would it be necessary for me to order her something? I was an expert in 2013 and you remember my openness to the society and if I thought something, I had the opportunity to deliver my opinion to media outlets," said Kakha Kakhishvili