23 April 2019,   23:02
"We still have privileged prisoners in the country" - third sector

Non-governmental organizations respond to the scandalous recordings made in the prison.

The executive director of the NGO "Article 42 of the Constitution" states that the position of the authorities as if nothing is happening and the contents of the published material damage the government first of all.

"The existence of these records, the factor of Subeliani and the contents of the recordings indicate that there was no will from the government to establish the truth and it is very sad that there still are privileged people in prisons," Natia Katsitadze said.

The executive director of "Sapari" comments on the recordings as well. According to Baia Pataraia, there is a very serious crisis in the country.

"Investigative authorities do not work independently and impartially," Baia Pataraia said.