20 April 2019,   07:27
Disseminated information is groundless- Abashidze responds to Putin"s statement on Lugar Laboratory

Zurab Abashidze responds to Vladimir Putin"s statement on genetic tests in Lugar laboratory.

The Prime Minister"s Special Representative calls the Russian president"s statement ungrounded and says that the center"s activities are transparent.

Georgia expresses its readiness to monitor the laboratory activities by involving high level experts.

"We have repeatedly announced that the Lugar Laboratory, which represents Georgia"s property and is financed by our Government, is conducting scientific research activities transparently. The information, disseminated by Russian state agencies and media about the so-called closed experiments, is totally groundless. The laboratory doors are open for foreign experts and scientists who often visit this center. In mid-November Georgia and Germany jointly conduct an international seminar, which participants from over 20 countries, will be provided with full information about Lugar Laboratory. Regrettably, the Russian side refused to participate in the seminar despite the invitation. We confirm our rediness for carrying out the monitoring of the Lugar Laboratory through the international mechanisms and with involvement of high level experts, "said Zurab Abashidze.
According to the health minister, the Georgian side will address the World Health Organization on the arrival of official mission and study the Center"s activities in the nearest future.