23 February 2020,   18:27
Ministry of Defense denies information that Trump`s advisor warned Georgia not to give "jJavelins" to Russia

The Ministry of Defense of Georgia denies reports published on reportblogs.com, according to which the US President"s Advisor John Bolton warned the Georgian government during his visit to Georgia that not hand Javelins over to Russia. Levan Izoria"s office calles it a lie, and additional explanations will be made at the International Conference on Defense and Security in Batumi today. Minister of Foreign Affairs David Zalkaliani made explanations.

"Political opponents are using this kind of misinformation for various purposes, and it is very doubtful that the time period coincides with the post-election period in Georgia , and manipulation with such issues is categorically unacceptable," Zalkaliani said.

The US Embassy also denied the information released by anonymous source.