23 February 2020,   18:23
Opposition requests from Interagency Commission to monitor investigation od confrontation in Akhalkalaki

The opposition demands monitoring of the investigation of the confrontation in Akhalkalaki by the interagency commission

Despite the fact that the representatives of the opposition parties left the session in the pre-election period, they will send the Commission detailed information about the incident and demand from them to study the issue.

"This violence that we have seen is a direct result of the violent rhetoric we hear from Ivanishvili"s side and Kobakhidze. Despite all of this, we still respect institutions, we would like to see the second round in compliance with all the rules and law. We will send the IATF information about the horrific attack that took place in Akhalkalaki, "said Tina Bokuchava, one of the leaders of the National Movement.

At what stage is the investigation, the representatives of the civil sector will ask the Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs.