24 February 2020,   00:33
Economists put responsibility on record impairment of GEL on government

In four days after elections GEL set a record of impairment. One US dollar has reached 2.72 GEL. According to the National Bank, GEL has reached the lowest ratein 2018. As the experts say, the process will lead to increased prices. Prices on all products that come from abroad will increase. Experts openly criticize the economic policies of the government and make unpredictable forecasts.

"The main reason for the impairment of GEL is uneven expenditures from the budget. As well as the uncontrolled launch of a refinancing of loans from the National Bank. But lately, when we have already moved to the second round of elections, it needs the artificial respiratory apparatus, "said Nika Shengelia, Vice-President of the International Research and Forecasting Center.

Economists say that the government raises taxes and does not reduce deficits and debts.