18 February 2020,   19:17
Threatening messages - Eka Gigauri is at Tbilisi Police Department

Eka Gigauri is being questioned for the fourth hour at the Tbilisi Police Department. The head of "Transparency International Georgia" informs the investigation about threatening messages. Eka Gigaur has appealed to the MIA for investigation herself.

Prior to entering the Ministry, Gigauri said that in addition to threats, facebook messages contain insulting content. According to her, the phraseology is similar to the content of the statement, made by the Chairman of the Parliament, when he mentioned that they are accomplices of Fascism.

"Since the Chairman of the Parliament had made a statement about NGOs where he called NGOs fascists, I received a lot of aggressive messages on my facebook as well as threatening messages and for this reason, I applied to the investigating authorities" - stated Eka Gigauri.