18 February 2020,   19:33
Former senior officials detained for losing elections - Opposition predicts series of detentions in cities other than Zugdidi

The arrest of former Mayor and his deputy in Zugdidi in connection with the lost presidential elections in Samegrelo. According to Murtaz Zodelava, a member of the United Opposition, Ivanishvili personally told Lasha Gogia and Gia Gulordava that if they could not win the elections, they would be arrested.

"While Gogia was appointed the head of the headquarters, Bidzina personally insisted thattheir arrest would be only possible, of course they committed crime, but they will be arrested only if they lost the elections. Many people could not believe this because it is a very hard fact in itself but it is confirmed. Elections were lost and Ivanishvili gave an order to arrest them to punish them because they could not win elections, "- Murtaz Zodelava said and added that other heads of the Georgian Dream"s headquarters will share the same fate, in the cities where Salome Zourabichvili lost the elections.

Former Mayor of Zugdidi headed Salome Zourabichvili"s election headquarters.

Investigation is accusing Lasha Gogia and his deputy Gia Gulordava of taking a bribe. If they are accused, they will face imprisonment from 11 to 15 years.

As for the family members of the detainees, they are avoiding relations with media at this stage.