23 February 2020,   18:25
I can not buy medicines ... I can not buy anything in the market - impaired gel that will have dramatical impact on the population`s pocket

According to the rate of the National Bank, the gel goy slightly stronger - the official value of 1 USD is 2.7170 GEL. The course, which was operating today, was GEL 2.7203.

The rate set by the National Bank has not yet been reflected in the currency exchange booths. The cost of 1 dollar is 2.73 tet. The cost of one dollar is higher in commercial banks. Here the price of one US dollar is 2 GEL and 75 tetri.

Recently due to impaired lari, prices have been rising. The price for products, medications and fuel have already risen, and the price increase is dramatically reflected on the population pocket. Citizens and pensioners say they can not afford to buy products because of the price increase.

"I was in the market and I could not buy anything physically, because it"s a catastrophe ... " said one of the citizens.

In addition, citizens can not afford to buy medication because of the high prices on medications.

"I can not buy anything, I can not work, the price for everything is growing ... I can not buy medicines. Sometimes I live on bread alone, nothing more. I can not buy food, "- she says