20 February 2020,   14:19
Impaired national currency - experts predict record increases in prices

On the background of impaired national currency, prices on medicines, products and fuel have increased. However, economists predict even more alarming processes and say that if the Lari rate is not regulated, prices will increase even more, which will be a serious economic burden for the population .

Specialists criticize the National Bank and the government"s economic policy once again and say that the National Bank and the Government need to change attitude towards Lari policy.

"Since any structure is not responsible for the impairment of the lari. In any case the National Bank and the Government refuse to do so, it is clear that the expectations are quite negative. Any person will try to ensure himself and increase the price of the products that he supplies to the market. On the other hand, I think that the attitude towards lari policy should be changed, "- said Paata Sheshelidze, president of the" New Economic School - Georgia ".

Lari impairment record - the value of one dollar in the currency exchange booths is already 2. 75 GEL. The government predicts the strengthening of the currency in the coming days, but the gel is further diminishing.