27 February 2020,   21:28
Impaired GEL - Parliamentary majority names elections as reason, opposition talks about wrong policy of the government

Policymakers respond to the record drop of the national currency. The depreciation of the GELis assessed in the ruling team as a usual process.

According to "Georgian Dream" members, the main reason for the devaluation of the national currency is the election.

The Chairman of the Parliament says that the Parliament will be involved in the process of strengthening the Lari and will start consultations with the National Bank in the nearest future.

"Elections always have a negative impact on business and in particular Lari rate, because there are instances of instability or other types of feeling. In my opinion, it is important that all of us take the responsibility; first of all, of course, the government, but as well as the opposition, that these elections take place in non-violent, non-confrontation environment. This is the best remedy for the fluctuation of the lari, "said Akaki Zoidze.

Apart from the wrong economic policy, the opposition speaks about the wrong planning of the budget by the government. Opponents" advice is also related to this. The sum should be ascribed to the next year"s budget.

"This budget and the policy of the National Bank are actually the main factor of the depreciation of Lari. They do not even have the reasons to justify themselves. Previously, Turkish lira was accused, now wrong expectations. The only solution is that the government should limit the budgetary expenditures as much as possible, "said Roman Gotsiridze, a member of the UNM.