27 February 2020,   21:56
" It is rediculous and trying to deception" - Lasha Tordia on 5 000-GEL bail for Partskhaladze

Former head of the Audit Service, Lasha Tordia calls the charge for Otar Partskhaladze a "staged performance". Tordia assumed that Otar Partskhaladze was sent to prison for some time, but he was sentenced to 5,000 bail in the form of a preventive measure.

Lasha Tordia suggests that investigative agencies want to cover up the case.

As Tordia claims, charging Partskhaladze of beating him on personal grounds is an attempt to clear Partskhaladze of the actual, heavy charges.

“I do not agree with the article, under which Partskhaladze has been charged. Charging him of beating me on personal grounds is an attempt to clear him of the actual, heavy charges. How could if have any personal ground? Why would I approach a person guarded be several men. All this is obviously related to the elections. The investigation had been ongoing for a year and 7 months and now this indictment has suspiciously coincided with the elections”, Tordia said.

Former General Auditor says that a 5,000-dollar bail to a man who made two million from the deal which the auditing established, is cynical.

Today the court sentenced Otar Partskhaladze to 5 thousand bail. The incident between Lasha Tordia and Otar Partskhaladze occurred at the El Centro club on Shardeni Street in Tbilisi on May 12. According to Lasha Tordia, he was attacked by Otar Partskhaladze and several of his companions. The Head of State Audit Office linked the incident to his duties. Later, video footage was spread, which shows how Partskhaladze is hitting Tordia.