17 August 2019,   17:58
Lari continues to impair - economists call on government to take timely and adequate measures

New data on lari impairment. According to the National Bank of Georgia, the cost of one dollar is 2.77 GEL In contrast to the government, experts prediction in last days has been justified. They predicted that lari would continue to devaluate and so it happened. Economists and financiers call on the government to take timely and adequate measures to strengthen the lari.

"The impairment of the last few days is likely to be entirely due to the uncertainty that exists in the country both in the political and economic direction," said economist Giorgi Papava.

Specialists think that the way out is the steps taken by NBG is the right way.

"If the National Bank changes the attitude, reviews the loan policy, then the situation will change sharply. Whether NBG does it or not, it"s hard to say. It seems that they are carrying out political tasks, "said Paata Sheshelidze, president of the New Economic School.