20 February 2020,   15:40
If details of Temirlan"s case leak, everyone will have to leave the country - Machalikashvili and Saralidze are staying on Rustaveli Avenue

Demonstration of the fathers on Rustaveli Avenue continues. At present, 16 tents have been put up in front of the parliament building.

Malkhaz Machalikashvili says in conversation with "Courier" that Zaza Saralidze will continue the rally and they are not going to leave the territory. According to him, after the developments yesterday, the government is scared. According to Machalikashvili, if details of the murder case of his son leak , the whole o the government would have to leave Georgia.

Representatives of the NGOs were also present at Rustaveli Avenue together with the fathers of killed youth. Today evening a large-scale action is still planned and Saralidze and Machalikashvili call on the population for support.