19 August 2019,   19:17
Participation of the clergy in pre-election agitation - t positions in the Patriarchate differ

There are different positions in the Patriarchate regarding the participation of the clergy in the pre-election campaign.

Though some part of the clergy has made political statements in the church, it is unacceptable for the other part.

Archbishop Daniel says that if a high priest decides to make similar statements, he should speak not about his personal but the position of the Patriarchate in general.

"The main thing is to say what the Patriarchy says and there can be a private opinion. It is desirable that the members of the Church express the position of the Patriarchate, "said Daniel Daniel.

According to the "Kurieri", Archbishop Shio is in Senaki and holds meetings with Giorgi Gakharia, Minister of Internal Affairs. However, what topics are being discussed is not known at this time.