19 September 2019,   21:56
Almost Failed Session in Parliament - Georgian Dream Could not Collect MPs in the Hall for Quorum

The debate on the state budget of the next year has almost failed.

The Minister of Finance , who was visiting the parliament in Kutaisi today was waiting for four hours for quorum.  The majority of  parliamentary majority did not attend the address of Ivane Machavariani. 

The opposition refused to register in order to show the irresponsibility of the ruling team,therefore there was no quorum.

After only a few hours, Georgian Dream managed to collect the  necessary  number of MPs.

Reportedly that members of the ruling party"s parliamentary team were involved in the activities in Salome Zurabishvili"s support .  

The opposition accused  the Finance Minister and the majority in pre-election populism and adding the additional articles to the draft budget to mobilize votes .

According to the opposition, changes made in the budget by the ruling team are populist .