20 February 2020,   14:47
The Ombudsman and EMC representatives visited the family of the spiritual leader of the Muslim community detained at the Red Bridge

Representatives of the Public Defender and EMC visited the family of spiritual leader of the Muslim community, Miratag Asadov, who was arrested at the Red Bridge.

They expressed their solidarity and hope that Georgia will defend its citizen.

Baku"s court sentenced Asadov to preliminary custody on charges of petty hooliganism. According to reports, he is under serious pressure in prison. The lawyer is not allowed to visit him.

A citizen of Georgia residing in Marneuli, Asadov, who frequently criticized the government, disappeared on November 7.

"Representatives of NGOs and Public Defender visited me today. They expressed their solidarity and asked me many questions about my son"s detention. Thank you for the support. The detention of Mirtag has raised many questions and I hope these questions will soon be clarified by the Georgian authorities, "- said Mirtag Asadov"s father, Hussein Asadov.