27 February 2020,   21:51
Contradictory statements - Kaladze says that banners with aggressive content are made by businessmen and Georgian Dream has nothing to do with it

A General Secretary of Georgian Dream denies any contact with banners with aggressive content.

According to Kakha Kaladze, Secretary General of the party, the ruling party has no connection with the banners on which the third president of Georgia, former ministers and other former senior officials are depicted.

Kaladze says that these billboards are installed by those people, who have been repressed by the previous government.

"It is surprising that, " Rustavi 2" asks the question. I am surprised that Rustavi 2 speaks about aggression. Your editorial policy during the whole election campaign was unfortunately based on falsehood and evil.

As for the banners, they are not linked to the party "Georgian Dream". This is done by specific businessmen. These are the people who were repressed during the UNM regime," - Kakha Kaladze said.