27 February 2020,   20:42
"There are 37 surnames in the gorge and the representative of all family names are here today" - Malkhaz Machalikashvili

The rally of protesting fathers on Rustaveli Avenue. was joined today by representatives of 37 family names residing in Pankisi. According to Malkhaz Machalikashvili, this is a confirmation that the entire Pankisi Gorge is standing next to his family and demands justice. The residents of Pankisi and the Machalikashvilis announce large-scale rally on November 25 and talk about future plans.

"There are 37 surnames in the valley as far as I know. Representatives of all surnames have arrived today to ensure that these people are not interested in politics or parties. These people have been demanding the state to recognize its crime, the murder of Temirlan for one year already, "- Malkhaz Machalikashvili said.

November 25 is Tamirlan Machalikashvili"s birthday and this date was symbolically selected for the rally. Zaza Saralidze calls on all the parents whose children were killed to join the rally.

"Let"s show this government and not only this government that we are not alone and we are not fignting alone," Zaza Saralidze said.