27 February 2020,   14:51
"Political panic" - Experts assess the initiative of the Government on writing off of the debts

The political price that Ivanishvili pays to win the elections - this is the assessment of experts" regarding initiative of the "Georgian Dream" government, according to which part of the citizens will be released from credit liabilities. The specialists think that the "Georgian Dream" is in panic.

Part of the experts do not rule out that "Georgian Dream" is already lying and Ivanishvili will not pay billions to the banks instead of people. From January 1, pensions reform will start in the country and people will have to pay four percent of the additional income to the state. Experts believe that the money will be accumulated in banks and banks have agreed to write off dead debts in return for millions of turnover.
Part of the experts think that Ivanishvili"s initiative will ruin the credit sphere, as the population will have the perception that the loans will be paid by others and if the Cartu Fund has agreed to pay consumer loans for the presidential election, then the Georgian Dream Leader may pay loans before the parliamentary elections.