27 February 2020,   22:00
Black PR technologies strategy of "Georgian Dream" - after aggressive posters the ruling team is preparing for spreading new secret records

From black list to black PR - "Georgian Dream" chooses to discredit competitors with aggressive attacks. After the unsuccessful first round, the ruling party is trying to discredit the opposition"s strong and popular candidate. "Georgan Dream" has signed a contract with the world famous black PR specialist whose style is aggression and confrontation.

The strategy that "Georgian Dream`s" new ideologist works around the world with envisages throwing dirt at a clean candidate. Moshe Klughaft`s partner tells himself how to discredit the opponent. PR Consultants`Group, working in Austria, Romania and Israel, has been remembered by these most radical methods. Who brought this ideologist to Georgia whose strategy is to blackmouth a clean candidate. Salome Zourabichvili said on Saturday that
he was brought by the "Georgian Dream."

Today "Georgian Dream" has blamed Salome Zourabichvili in bring the godfather of Black PR .

The Georgian Dream has already applied to a handful of radical methods, and the posters in Tbilisi and Georgia appeared in the regions durng the last week.

According to the "Courier", "Georgian Dream" will move to more radical methods five days before the elections, starting from November 23, there will be more heavy posters in the streets. Starting from November 22, the ruling party will publicize a new series of secret recordings through Ukrainian websites. Panic and the shock received from published information is a new ideological strategy of the Georgian Dream.