22 January 2020,   04:17
Criticism of the European Parliament and inadequate response of the " Georgian Dream"

Criticism of the European Parliament and Inadequate Response of "Georgian Dream" - Official Tbilisi denies the importance of criticism of the Government of Georgia by MEPs and presents it as a position of a few MEPs .

David McAllister, Chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee of the European Parliament, asked the Georgian Foreign Minister Davit Zalkaliani to give the explanations regarding the alarming signals received before the second round.

"Georgian Dream" has gone beyond the internal scale of criticisms of opponents and accused European colleagues of making false statements based on lies.

Thirteen MEPs had questions to the Minister of Foreign Affairs most of whom like McAllister, requested explanations from the Georgian authorities regarding the pre-election bribing of voters and printing of fake IDs.

The European Parliamentarians were well informed and worried about all pre-election novelties - including writing off the debts and printing of fake IDs in Tsalenjikha.

European lawmakers at the committee sitting openly told the Georgian authorities that if the second round would take place on the background of fraud, this could cause problems to the Association Agreement document and visa free travel. The opposition demands adequate reaction from the government.

A week before the elections, the authorities were warned by the European Parliament that the elections are being observed and the attempt to falsify the election would not be forgiven.