20 February 2020,   14:21
Government Plans to Activate Repressive Instrument - 16 NGOs Accuse Prosecutor"s Office of Attempting Pressure


The government plans to launch repressive instruments - 16 NGOs accuse the Prosecutor"s Office of attempting to pressure them.

In a joint statement, the civil sector expresses concerns about the agency"s warning messagethat does not exclude imposing criminal liability against the NGOs.

"We believe that the letter of the Chief Prosecutor"s Office is a continuation of a deliberate policy that is carried out by the government of Georgia against those NGOs, which are not under the influence of the government and actively fight for human rights, rule of law and the country"s Euro-Atlantic integration in Georgia...

 We urge the Prosecutor General"s Office of Georgia to better understand the principles that are inseparable from the democratic society, To consider their competence and functions not separate from human rights, as it is characteristic for authoritarian states, but together with human rights,"- reads the statement.
The case concerns the request of the Prosecutor"s Office to disclose the source of information on the possible manufacture of false IDs.