27 February 2020,   20:25
Party Interest, Party Vision - Parliamentary Majority Approves assesses visit of Alliance of Patriots Visit of Patriots Alliance in Moscow

Members of Georgian Dream assess visit of " Alliance of Patriots" to Moscow. The parliamentary majority believes that there is nothing alarming in this visit and speak about links of United Oppositions Presidential Candidate with Russia.

Sopho Katsarava, the Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Foreign Relations, said that the visit of the Alliance of Patriots to Moscow is their party agenda which does not have any links with the ruling party.

Dimitri Tskitishvili, deputy chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee of the Parliament, said that the visit of the Alliance of Patriots would not have any influence on Russia"s policy.

"Their visit is their party interest, the party"s vision and I can only say that I don"t agree with them,"- said Dimitri Tskitishvili.

The leaders of "Alliance of Patriots " continue their visit to Moscow. They are at a conference organized by the Kremlin.