27 February 2020,   21:35
New fact of business racket - victim is again a cigarette distribution company

The new fact of business racket - the victim is still a cigarette distribution company. Tamaz Elizbarashvili"s family provided to the "Courier" the information about terrorism carried out by the government against the business .

The businessman is the owner of the company Eliz, which distributes large brands of cigarettes in the Georgian market, including "CAMEL," "Kent" and "Sobranie." From the notification received from Elizbarashvili"s family member, it is clear that the businessman is asked to pay money to "Cartu Bank". It"s about millions of lari. The assignment Elizbarashvili and other businessmen received from the "Cartu" senior official at the secret meeting.

The businessman"s wife specified the name of the person who calls from the "Cartu Bank" and asks the businessmen to pay 300 thousand GEL every month. The amount of money was doubled with the approaching elections. "Courier" tried to interview Tamaz Elizbarashvili about the details of the meeting but the founder of "Eliza" refrained from public interview at this stage.

Minister of Economy of Georgia assesses the racket scheme of Elizbarashvili"s family and business absurd. Giorgi Kobulia is convinced that public information is pre-election speculation.

Elizbarashvili"s family statement about the business racket was not unexpected for the opposition. Politicians are convinced that the management team mobilizes money from businessmen to cover credits for blacklisted citizens.