18 February 2020,   19:17
"MIA has not detected political pressure and election violations" - Mezvrishvili"s special statement

The Ministry of Internal Affairs has not revealed the facts of political pressure and election violations - a special statement has been made in the Ministry recently.

Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs Natia Mezvrishvili responded to the facts of violence during the election campaign.

Gakharia`s Ministry says that the Ministry reacts to all the facts and the special mobile groups of the police will ensure the conduct of the elections in a safe environment.

" Based on the current work of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for verification of the information spread by media outlets and NGOs this week it can be said that practically, an unprecedented number of 231 persons have been questoned as witnesses. All this has been done in the last 48 hours. We have questioned the Municipality staff of the City Hall, as well as directors, teachers, kindergarten teachers, members of the PEC, local population,
incudng pensioners and socially vulnerable people. As a result of the conducted work, a significant number of facts has not been confirmed, "Natia Mezvrishvili said.