20 February 2020,   14:13
The Palace of the Republic, the Constitutional Court or Privatization - Issue of Avlabari Palace to be discussed in the ruling team

The Palace of the Republic, the Constitutional Court or the Privatization - What will be the fate of the Avlabari presidential palace?Three variants are discussed in the ruling team - one of the options is to transform it into "Palace of the Republic". The purpose of the building in this case will be the reception of high-ranking individuals of foreign countries.Another option is to consider the issue of transferring the Constitutional Court to the presidential palace in Avlabari. The third version is the privatization of the building.

The parliamentary majority states that there was no discussion of this issue. According to Tamar Chugoshvili, Avlabari residence will not be privatized.
"I do not think that the privatization of this palace can be seriously discussed," - said Chugoshvili, but another member of the parliamentary majority says that the most appropriate will be privatization of the building.
Gedevan Popkhadze thinks that if the building is not privatized, it is better to have a museum in this building.
"There should be people there, "- said Levan Koberidze, a member of the parliamentary majority. According to him, presentation of the city infrastructure projects should be arranged in the building.