27 February 2020,   20:14
Transfer of Parliament to Tbilisi - Members of the Parliamentary Majority give explanations

Members of the parliamentary majority make clarifications regarding the transfer of Parliament to Tbilisi in 2019. The spring session will be already conducted in Tbilisi parliament.

Chairman of the Regional Policy and Self-Government Committee of the Parliament, Zaza Gabunia says that for Kutaisi as a regional center, it is not decesive where the parliament will be.
"It is far more important for decentralization to implement other decisions, such as more funding for the regions and cities that we plan to implement in the decentralization reform. More powers will be available to the administrations in place, more opportunities are coming up, and in one week we will talk about it in a more extended format ... As for Kutaisi, there will be a lot of projects in Kutaisi part of which are already implemented and part will start in the future, "- said Zaza Gabunia .
Gedevan Popkhadze, a member of the Georgian Dream faction, says that there will be many projects in Kutaisi that will bring more revenues to the region.