20 February 2020,   15:59
"European Georgia" will not participate in the rally announced by the United Opposition on Sunday - Davit Bakradze

Leader of "European Georgia" Davit Bakradze has presented a political strategy. According to Bakradze, the population is ready to change the government through elections.
Davit Bakradze responded to the rally announced by the United Opposition and noted that the party will not participate in the protest rally.
"The political council made a decision to specifically say that we are in solidarity with each and every citizen and human being who is protesting against injustice, but as a party organizationally we will not participate in organizing this rally," Davit Bakradze said.

According to Davit Bakradze, change of electoral system is necessary. That"s why David Bakradze offers the opposition to have consultations for a long-term strategy.
"The main task and objective of our political struggle will be in the next period to create conditions in order to enable people in Georgia express their will, including change the government. For this purpose, the main component will be the change of electoral system and the immediate transition to the proportional or regional-proportional electoral system, which should result in the early elections, because today"s composition does not reflect the political mood in the country, "Bakradze said.