22 October 2019,   11:29
Detention of Gogochuri and Razmadze - President"s son-in-law is accused of not reporting crime

The case on which the President"s son-in-law, Mindia Gogochuri was detained has become known to "Courier" . He is accused of not reporting the crime, in particular the case involving his friend Giorgi Razmadze.
The case was related to the wounding in Dadiani Street. The incident took place near Tsotne Dadiani Street in May, when Giorgi Razmadze, a friend of Gogochuri, was wounded by a 35-year-old Shalva Robakidze.
Today the victim and his father have recalled the incident. Shalva Robakidze says that Mindia Gogochuri did not participate in the confrontation in May.
Shalva Robakidze himself says that he accidentally happened to be nearby the territory of Karvasla. The conflict started unexpectedly and before that he did not know the person who opened the fire.