17 June 2019,   17:48
Hearing of Mindia Gogochuri `s case to be held today - judge will discuss imposing preventive measure

In about 2 hours the City Court"will discuss preventive measures for the president"s son-n-law, Mindia Gogochuri. As Rustavi 2 was told n the City Court, the meeting was scheduled at 20: 30 and it will be chaired by Judge Ketevan Jachvadze .
Investigation charges Gogochuri in illegal possession of firearms and not reporting the crime. The defendants claim that the charge is too complicated and the case has a political background. According to Gogochuri`s lawyer human rights defender, the accused does not plead guilty.
Mindia Gogochuri and Giorgi Razmadze were detained yesterday on the facts of unlawful storage of firearms and not reporting the crime.Law enforcers seized bulletproof vest during the search of rented residence of detainees in Amashukeli Street in Tbilisi.
Also, they removed two pistols allegedly thrown out by the detainees from the balcony of the apartment.
Giorgi Razmadze was taken to a penitentiary establishment and Mindia Gogochuri to the temporary detention isolator.