27 June 2019,   17:29
"We will carry out occupation of occupants with music" - Organizer of the rally in Atotsi village

"We will carry out occupation of occupants with music," -said Katie Vard, promoter of action-performance in the village Atotsi.

At this moment the opera and classical work is heard at the occupation line.
Kate Vard says that Tamar Putkaradze wrote a special piece for today.
In the village of Atotsi, precisely where the occupants were preparing for the installation of barbed wire, Georgian musicians started placed their musical instruments today.The action-performance of Georgian musicians was planned a few days ago in response to another round of annexation by the occupants.
Georgian police and members of the anti-occupation movement
are protecting the protestors.
On the other side of the occupation border, the spies of the occupation forces observe the events unfolding in Atotsi.
The founder of the anti-occupation movement "Strength is in Unity" David Katsarava says that unlike the previous days, the Russian side put up only two spies on the occupation line.
The action has already been going on for about two hours.