27 June 2019,   17:29
List of Dangerous Persons - Polish Government did not allow Climate Forum participant Nugzar Kokhreidze to enter the country

The Polish authorities, did not allow civil intellectuals, who were going to attend the climate forum, to enter the country.
According to the local newspaper, the border guards stopped 12 representatives of civil organizations, including Nugzar Kokhreidze, member of the Georgian delegation.
He was stopped at Katowice airport last night at passport control and was told that his name was in the list of dangerous persons. Law enforcers offered him two options - to go back to Georgia and
come to Poland later, in case of refusal, he would face deportation would and ban to enter Poland for 5 years.
Representatives of Polish NGO accuse authorities of violating human rights.
According to their information, the detention of activists is linked to the new law on "surveillance ", which was adopted before the climate conference. The new regulation, along with the ban on holding the rallies, allows the government to seek personal data of the participants of the conference