27 June 2019,   17:27
Patrol police crew attacked- two patrol policemen wounded

Two policemen have been wounded in the village of Gezati in Abasha district by a citizen.
The incident happened when Patrol Police officers Shalva Miminoshvili and Bakur Chkadua were performing official duties and were patrolling the street. They noticed a drunk man and went to him for verification. At that time Gocha Tskhvediani verbally insulted the law enforcers. Policemen tried to transfer him, but he wounded Shalva Miminoshvili, patrol police officer with a knife in his stomach and wounded his partner in the arm.
Shalva Miminoshvili was taken to Kutaisi clinic. He underwent an urgent surgery. The second employee of the patrol did not need a stationary treatment. The attacker Gocha Tskhvediani hid from the scene. He is still being looked for.