27 June 2019,   17:28
"The Ministry did not dismiss the school principal" - Ministry of Education does not share accusations of Ia Kerzaia"s family

The Ministry of Education does not share accusations of family members of the principal of Zugdidi Public School # 6.
Irina Abuladze, Deputy minister of Education , says that a regular check of the school started on the basis of the application. The representative of the agency says that they are ready to cooperate with the Public Defender"s Office and all relevant agencies.
"The Ministry did not release the school principal and conclusions were prepared in accordance with the relevant rules and were handed over to the Board of Trustees of the School, which was to be discussed later on. It"s a pity that the education system and school are again being involved in politics. Since 2012 the Government has repeatedly stated that the depolitization of the system is very important, so we clearly do not share this position, "said Irina Abuladze.
Ia Kerdzaia"s health condition deteriorated after general inspection entered the school. Inspectorate entered. Kerdzaia"s herself said that inspection of the school was carried out in connection with elections. Ia Kerdzaia talked about political revenge with "Rustavi2" .
Kerdzaia said that since she refused to involve teachers in the electoral process, on the basis of anonymous letter General Inspectorate sent two employees from Tbilisi to Zugdidi and ordered to examine the school. On the day of inspection the water was not supplied and the toilets in school were faulty. According to the official information, this was the reason for dismissing the principal of Zugdidi Public School # 6.
The son of the deceased principal imposes the responsibility on the Ministry of Education for the death of his mother and demands investigation.