27 June 2019,   17:23
Shooting at Christmas Market in Strasbourg Center

Shooting at Strasbourg Center- According to the information available at this time, at least 3 people were killed. Most of the 12 injured are in critical condition.
The attack took place near the Christmas Market in the city"s historic center.
A29-year-old man has opened fire from automatic firearms. The French soldiers tried patrolling in the street to arrest him .
The attacker was wounded after bilateral shooting, but he still managed to escape. The police are still looking for him.
According to law enforcers, the shooter is identified.
According to the current information, there are no Georgian citizens among the injured.
The French Embassy operates a hot line.Georgian representation in Strasbourg recommends to refrain from walking around the city.
As for the 20 Georgian citizens who were on the ground and were unable to leave the territory, they were accommodated by the Permanent Representative of Georgia to the Council of Europe.